MAISON DELLA SALUTE SRL, was established in 2009 and it is specialized in the production of fresh, dry and frozen gluten-free products. Our characteristic is the total absence of preservatives and additives in our recipes. MAISON PROJECT is the result of a growing awareness of all aspects related to food intolerances due to personal experience with Celiac disease. MAISON DEL CELIACO products are a mix of traditionally homemade production, high quality ingredients with modern production laboratories where our devoted chefs work passionately to create new tasty gluten-free recipes. MAISON team constantly works to guarantee high quality products to its customers, thanks to an accurate selection of 100% Italian ingredients, research of traditional flavour and a strict control of the standard production process.
Our company supplies specialized shops, the Ho.re.ca, the Food Service and Pharmaceutical chains with a large range of DRY AND FROZEN gluten-free products MAISON DEL CELIACO

celiacoPreservative-free homemade production
celiaco100% Italian ingredients.
celiacoCertified ingredients.
celiacoAuthorization of Italian Ministry of Health with Decree. ref. 2012/DIET.OFF.708 for the production and distribution of FRESH, DRY AND FROZEN gluten-free products (pastry confectionary, delicatessen, ready meals, fresh and stuffed pasta)
celiacoCertificates of analysis with gluten level under 20ppm as per ministerial requirement, ref. regulation (CE) 41/2009
celiacoTraceability of each lot of production.
celiacoInternational HACCP Control system.

Our mission is to produce healthy preservative and gluten-free products offering you the widest range of food specialties and rediscovering the pleasure of gluten-free food.
Thanks to the skilful handling of our gluten-free dough we have obtained a very high quality product.
Our main goal is the total satisfaction of the customer with quality, transparent production procedures. Celiacs can now enjoy the taste of 100% traditional MADE IN ITALY food, with the guarantee of healthy and tasty MAISON DEL CELIACO specialities!


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