The original trademark MAISON DEL CELIACO is also a franchise specialized in selling gluten-free products for Celiacs and for all other food intolerances
In the MAISON DEL CELIACO shops customers can find a large selection of fresh, dry and frozen MAISON DEL CELIACO products. This is a revolutionary concept because the name of the shop is also the brand of gluten-free products authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health.
Thanks to our experience and passion we can give you the opportunity to invest in the gluten-free field with an innovative successful business concept.
Our main goal is the diffusion of healthier gluten-free products 100% Made in Italy

The strong points of MAISON DEL CELIACO franchise are:

celiacoTo transfer a solid expertise in the GF sector to its investors
celiacoCommercial training for a successful management
celiacoSupply of fresh, dry and frozen MAISON DEL CELIACO products
celiacoNo royalties
celiacoTerritorial exclusivity


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